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Why have a member
benefits program?

Improve perception of membership dollar value
Help achieve strategic targets
Help attract new members
Help improve member retention
Demonstrate competitive advantage in competing for members
Support "we care attitude" to stakeholders
İMEMBER Benefits Pty Ltd

Member Benefits Programs

Many of our clients elect to offer members a broad range of tangible corporate discounts or value adding benefits on a wide range of individual and/or workplace needs. The corporate discounts or value adding benefits would not normally be available to members through the providers normal distribution channels. These member benefits compliment our clients' core competency benefits of membership.

Each of our clients' member benefits programs are individually tailored and branded, with the client:

  • Incorporating member benefits that they have available.
  • Selecting member benefits that we have available through our arrangements with partner providers.
  • Requiring us to procure alternate or additional member benefits appropriate for our clients demographic.

As the contracted facilitator, manager and administrator of our clients' member benefits program it would be normal for us to:

  • Provide the member benefits
  • Procure additional or substitute benefits
  • Manage partner provider relationships
  • Provide the branded and member personalised benefits cards if sought (initially and ongoing)
  • Design and provide the member benefits program brochure
  • Build, provide and maintain the member benefits program website section (based on clients corporate website)
  • Provide and maintain the dedicated toll free member benefits number - answered in our clients name
  • Provide the member benefits representatives to handle member enquiries
  • Meet member requirements in a professional and proficient manner
  • Provide regular reports on member interest in and utilisation of the program, including both statistical and anecdotal information
  • Provide ongoing content for messages and communications to members
  • Provide welcome kits for new members as appropriate
  • Attend conferences to further profile the member benefits program to delegate members
  • Manage the member benefits program and all components therein on an ongoing basis